An Assesse cannot file an appeal or an objection against the following  Orders/Notices of the Commissioner :

  1.   To make an assessment of tax or penalty.
  2.   To require a person to furnish a return.
  3.   To get audit done u/s 58, to direct a special audit u/s 58A or to inspect the records u/s 59.
  4.   To notify any matter.
  5.   To a dealer to show cause as to why he should not be prosecuted for an offence under this act.
  6.   To seize or to retain books of account, registers and other documents.
  7.   To sanction a prosecution under this act.
  8.   Having an interim decision made in course of any proceedings.
  9.   Decision of touching on the internal administration of the VAT authorities.
  10.   To give effect to an order of the Appellate Tribunal or a Court (but an objection can be filed against an amount assessed by the Commissioner).
  11.   Regarding withdrawals or qualification of a determination of specified question u/s 84.