Basic Standard Premium
USD 1260 USD 1410 USD 1610
Nuans Name Search
Article of Incorporation
Government Filing Fee
Electronic Filing Fee
Certificate of Incorporation
Business Identification No. (BN)
Initial Return Form 1
Virtual Registered Office

($55 x 12 months = $660)

Digital Bank Account
Share structure
Minute Book
Payroll Registration
Import/ Export License
GST/ HST Registration

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Registered Office: For Incorporation, a Canadian Address is required. Charges for Virtual Office Service is $55.00 per month. The annual cost of $660 ($55*12 months) has been included in the above charges. If you wish to not avail this service, the amount of $660 shall be reduced from the price stated above.

The registered office is where you must keep your corporate records and where official documents will be served on the corporation.

Minutes of Meeting: We will prepare Minute book which shall include preparation of By-Laws, Minutes of Directors, Minutes of Shareholders, Special Resolutions, Directors Register, Officers Register, Transfer Register, Shareholders Ledger, Debt Obligation/Securities Register, Shares Certificates, Shareholders Agreement, Individuals with Significant Control Register,

Basic package is a essential registration: Client can upgrade any time if required

Standard package will provide you with the required registration necessary to run a business. All Corporate Documents will be prepared including Minutes Books, Register of Directors, Register of Shareholders etc. which are maintained as per law.

Premium package includes GST/ HST/ Payroll Registration.